5 things you really wanna buy for Christmas

 1.The Gingerbread House shower gel set. If you like spicy bubbles and cute packaging then this is for you! :)
2.Tokidoki eyeshadow set. The design is to die for! Plus is a real bargain and the colors are amazing.
(Both 1 and 2 are from SEPHORA)

3.A fancy dress for an outing/event/party. These beautiful dresses are from H&M
4.Something that will add a Christmas-y touch to your everyday outfit like this brooch from Accessorize
or if you are crazy like us something like...

5. Finally, because details matter...

 A Christmas thermos bottle for you so that you can carry your coffee/tea/hot chocolate around with ease. Plus, it's environmentally friendly!!You can find all 3 of them at Starbucks.

See you later everyone!!

  Monsters V+F
This is also from Starbucks ;)

P.S: We know it's too soon for Christmas but we just can't wait!!!

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