Meeting the Monsters :-)

CheekyMonsters wasn't created by one person. We are two, cheeky, teenage monster friends who wanted to create of blog where they could share their ideas, favorites and opinions. So let's meet the mosters:

 Monster F is the funniest monster alive. She loves music -we both do- drawing, acting and fooling around with friends. F's ideal present would propably a Three Day's Grace ticket or a teddy bear.

Monster V is a monster who loves fashion, propably more than she can afford. She also loves writting and going out with her friends. Her ideal present would be a zero calorie, huge cake or Jared Padaleci in a box. XD

Sometimes the Monsters will make posts together. When only one Monster is posting she'll say so in the beggining of the post.

Hope you have a good time visiting our blog.
  Cheeky Monsters

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