New Lancome holiday sets: Don't you want them all?

[Monster V]
I was poking around the Net when suddenly came across these babies: Holiday sets from Lancome. I've never told you before but Lancome is my favorite high-brand ever. I've read they do not test on animals but some rumors have been around that they actual do so I'm not sure if I'll actually buy anything, but..a girl can dream right?

So here they are!

This one is more on the neutral side except for the pastel blue. Nice but not my thing.

Now this me likey, but I was never brave enough to wear this much purple. Looks cool though.

This one I would buy. Hell, this one I want to buy.

This last one is completely neutral so I love it as well. If I actually get one I'd probably choose this because again I'm too much of a chicken to wear black smokie.

All of this palettes are said to be of 78$ worth but their price 39.50$ which pretty good deal.Plus I'm a sucker for nice packaging.
Lancome also has Holiday brushes gift set and I like this one:

I would love to get this BUT the bristles are natural so it is definitely a no-no for me. But not all people mind so.It is of 147$ worth and costs 59$.

This was my post for the day, I hope you got some gift ideas for you or your friends. Be prepared for Christmas stuff overload --Monster F told me that she'll post recipes, play lists etc in the near future. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Kisses and huggies,

Monster V

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