24 American Apparel ads that'll make you go: "Whoa there! Whaaat?"

[Monster V]
Probably most of you know  that AA(American Apparel) is a basic clothing store that as the brand name suggests was founded in the US and since then has expanded in many countries around the world. What most you didn't know though --including me up until know-- is that there is actually an AA scandal. AA's chairman Dov Charney was accused for sexual harassment of at least three female employees. And  not only that, but lovely Dov is known to walk around the brand's factory in his underwear and conduct meetings wearing only a...sock. And nope the sock isn't on his feet. Plus, while a journalist was interviewing him he was HAVING.ORAL.SEX.
  Pretty much, he's a perv. And he actually looks like one. I mean look at him.

Typical perv face. He kinda scares me. And he should. You don't wanna leave this guy alone with your daughter. Or your dog.

Anyway, up until now I had never seen AA ads in the US magazines I buy such as Vogue, Elle or Cosmo. Now I know why. This is pretty much porn. I warn ya.

Here are the ads.

Seriously, Dov love what were you thinking?

Urg. I feel violated.

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