I like to buy stuff, did ya know that?

I think it's pretty much obvious so far that I like to buy stuff. A lot. Which is not always good, especially when your parents pay for it. I pity my poor parents I really do. But I can't help it. It's like they're calling for me! (By they I mean cosmetics, clothes, shoes etc.) So I have come up with a new excuse lately that makes me feel better whenever a buy stuff. Shopping online! I mean since I am not going out of the house using actual money then it's not considering shopping, right? Right? So I can shop with almsot no guilt. Plus, if you really think about what I'm bying they're more of an investement aren't they? I'm just expanding my newly started collection.  :-/
Anyway here's what'll buy tomorrow. 

I never had a highlighter!

Smokey eye collection. : D

A nice palette I really like.

Plus a NYX jumbo pencil in cottage cheese, and two round lipsticks in Hebe and Hades! There's no way I'm not getting something that's called Hades!
As you can see I really Like NYX. They're cheap, good quality and cruelty free!! Some of their palettes I had ordered a while back arrived today so I'll do some swatches sometime soon and even maybe a tutorial. Anyway kisses and huggies,
Monster V


  1. lefta dn exoume na fame k esi psonizeis kalintika apo to internet!OUST!:P

  2. Εγώ πάω κόντρα στην κρίση, τι θες?