NYX review!

Okay, so I decided to post a tiny review of the palettes I recently ordered and received from Cherry Culture.

First palette is For your eyes only "Beautiful Green" and I looooove it! The colors are so pigmented and soft. And for the price! It's a steal. Here are some picies (new word LOL)

The second palette is the smokey look kit. Well. I guess I should expect as much from an 8$ palette but the previous one was so great I was very disappointed with this. Pics:

Two of the colors are actually nice. But urg. 

Oh same goes for the bronze smokey look kit.

See you soon!
Moster V


  1. NYX is awesome. I have the green palette, too, and it's gorgeous! The colors in the 2nd and 3rd palettes you swatched aren't so bad - just that they don't have as many rainbow colors. Depends on what kind of look you're going after.

    - Mary

  2. Turns out they're actually not so bad. I did a black smokey with the second one and it turned out nice.So I kinda changed my mind :)