Psst! My not-so-secret-anymore Chrismas wishlist!

So like every year, each one of us has his/her own dream list of presents to buy or to be given. Here is mine! Beware! It's kinda long.

1.Storm I-divine palette.
 I will be definitely getting this. Besides being dirt cheap (8.50 for 12 shades!) I think the colors are quite nice and usable. Not really loving the waffl-y texture of it but whatevah. It's 8.50 $!

2.Urban Decay Vegan palette.
Now at 26.00 euro this palette is far from cheap but it's cruelty free, has lovely colors and packaging. Definitely getting this as

3.Urban Decay Naked palette.
Although I really want this palette my usual online shopping sites don't have it. So I'll probably be getting this sometime on summer after my exams are done.

4. Babyliss Pro Porcelain Conical Wand

OMG it's a pink hair curler. Enough said. Must have. :)

5.Victoria's Secret Flannel PJs
It has bunnies on! I love these PJs and I'm really excited I can choose a longer bottom. Yet the shipping at the VS online store is 30$. Not excited about that. Not really sure I'll get them -the shipping puts me off.

 6.Too faced Naked palette and their concealer.

I love animal friendly companies so for me this Too Faced's  palette is amazing. I'm definitely getting it. And I need a concealer.

 7?Yeah 7. This is not something I can show you but I'd like to shop some more sweaters, knits and dresses. Probably at H&M.

My wish list is over! I'd love to know what your's is --if you want tell me in the comments section.

Kisses n' huggies,

PS: In case you were wondering Monster F made a post in our mother tongue Greek down below :)
PS2:I don't know why it has effing white spaces in between. Maybe Santa is punishing me for being greedy.

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