Taylor Momsen a.k.a the girl who had a supressed childhood and decided to become a slutty rock n' roller

So up until so far (meaning 3-4 months ago) I thought that Taylor Momsen was this cute little girl who played  a cute role on Gossip Girl. She was nothing special. Pretty blonde but hey there're many cute blondes out there.
 That was until Taylor decided that she wanted to be a rock star. "Suppressed childhood" she said. "My parents took me to Ford(modelling agency) at the age of 2. I didn't want to work but I had no choice." she said. So far I'm bearing with the girl. These really sound like shitty parents. As she also noted "When I'm on stage I am myself."

It's not the slutty clothes that bother me. Or the garters,or the panda eyes or even the zombie pout in every picture.  It's Momsen's recent brat syndrome. Apparently little Miss J thinks she's too much of a star to deal with simple things like say Gossip Girl shootings. Tim Gunn who guested on episode said that "She's a brat acting like a diva. She's couldn't even remember her lines because she was constantly texting with her Blackberry." Some girl Taylor must be.
And let's not forget the legendary "The Pretty Reckless is pretty much me."  Oh please Taylor get off your high horse. You might have a great voice what-so-ever and write great songs but let me tell you a secret. Modesty isn't a fucking killing disease.
Just for the record this is how she used to be.

Anyway see you soon!
Monster V

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